5,083,000 mph with close to 73million abrupt stops!

Professor Larry Silverberg, mechanical and aerospace engineering at North Carolina State University has theoretically deciphered the speed at which Santa has to travel.


Does Mrs Claus know of the inherent risks? I mean he’s not even wearing a helmet??


Hang on…….

Looking at this technical footage you can see Santa at full speed wearing nothing but his famous hat, maybe he’s got something special in the white fluffy bit which allows deceleration from 5,083.000 mph to stationary?


Could those lovely reindeer be constructed with special crumple zones?


Maybe he’s wearing an inflated “fat” suit to simply “bounce” to safety ??


Either way, that man’s onto something, a technology allowing massive deceleration and not to mention huge abrasive protection whilst descending the unforgiving walls of countless chimneys.


Come on Santa, this Christmas can you give us your secret? I’ll pass on the slippers this year and leave a nice single malt out in exchange ? deal ??


Oh yes sorry, don’t drink and fly :)


Merry Christmas everyone !


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